PCS Indonesia

Products and Services

Dashboard Monitoring

To improve digitalization within banking industries, PCS Indonesia are aiding bank customers with executive dashboard, which will assist them to check :

  • Performance monitoring
  • Tracking system
  • Reliability check
  • Availability assessment
  • Deployment readiness
  • Real time reporting 
  • BAST from field officer

Smart Payment Devices

About PCS - Smart Payment Devices

PCS is an IT Solution provider for Android EDC based payment devices and applications, that can be customized based on our client/user preferences.

PCS has partnered itself with notable clients from several sectors such as banking and oil & gas petrol stations.

15,000+ Merchant

86,000+ Payment Device

Why Choose PCS Smart Payment Devices

  • We provide end-to-end Smart Android Mobile POS Devices and Systems for digital business transformation
  • PCS smart payment device and application are synchronized with client needs
  • Full guarantee of technical support for periodical maintenance
  • Compatible with debit, credit & QRIS payment
  • Customer care SOP includes help-desk solution in form of Chatbot

Established Partners

Our IT Solution have been trusted by BRI for its BRILink agent & BRI Merchant digitalization project and Pertamina for its SPBU digital payment solutions.

Full Managed Services

Delivering a complete package of end-to-end services from hardware, software, infrastructure & services


  • Stocking EDC
  • Monitoring EDC
  • Inventory Management EDC
  • Quality Control

Service Point

  • Profiling EDC
  • Installation EDC
  • EDC Distribution


  • EDC Deployment
  • EDC Maintenance
  • EDC Dismantle


Can my shipment be tracked?

Yes, our solution is also equipped with shipment tracking and geo tagging features

Where does the SIK for EDC came from?

SIK for EDC are given by our client

Does PCS Full Managed Services offer Mobile Apps Agent Officer?

Yes, we assist our client using Mobile Apps Agent Officer within the aspect of ticketing & monitoring, LKM Digital, deployment notification, reporting & BAST


We help companies transforms their company digitally

Its more than securing or managing your digital transaction seamlessly

What is E-KYC?

E-KYC is a development of Know your customer process which are officially regulated through Peraturan Bank Indonesia Nomor 3/10/PBI/2001 regarding Know Your Customer Principles practice

About Us

Pasifik Cipta Solusi through its PCS platform provides a biometric verification platform which currently serves the banking and telecommunication sector for their biometric identity verification service.

Why Choose PCS?

  • Trusted biometrics E-KYC partner by industrial leaders.
  • Protecting user identity account while simultaneously providing legal guarantee.
  • Universal devices compatibility with high level security access management.
  • Accelerating your digital business activities through face recognition & OCR.