PCS Indonesia


Devote yourSelf to work

Strive for iMprovement

Always be prepAre

Put customeR first

ContribuTe socially

Main Industries

Providing services package which includes hardware, software, IT Infrastructure and end-to-end services.

Sub-Industries: Retail Merchant, Agency Banking, Merchant Acquisition, Managed services.


Optimizing telecommunication industry business digitally through cyber securities and biometrics EKYC such as face recognition and OCR.

Sub-Industries: Automated Customer Verification

Assisting petrol service station owner in digitalizing their integrated payment system and maintaining their dashboard monitoring platform.

Sub-Industries: Petrol services cashless payment.

Vision & Mission


To be the market leader of digital payment solutions in Indonesia


To develop quality and competitive payment solutions as well to empower large corporate retail market and SMEs

Why Us?

Responsive Customer Service

We accommodate technical support for periodical maintenance, chatbot system for helpdesk solution regarding customer care SOP & client transaction issue

End-to-end Services

Meeting customer needs by using end-to-end digital business solution, full managed services for banks to improve and maintain their merchant and infrastructure

Specialized in Android Based-POS

Providing various Smart Android Mobile Pos devices and systems for your digital business transformation